Autumn League 2020-2021 - Davidson Shield & Millar Trophy

Sundays at 12:30pm

Greenacres Curling Rink

Organiser: Alex Will

Contact organiser should you require a sub. Do not arrange sub yourself. Could subs let organiser know of any dates unavailable to play.

Team 1
Ian Mackin
Gerald McIntyre
Kathleen Cornwell
Katherine Adam
Team 2
Ken Hutchison
Robert Riddell
Karin Hutchison
Mark Adam
Team 3
Sheila Henderson
Alison Cloudsley
Alex Will
Robert Cornwell
Team 4
Evelyn Reid
James Mackin
Robert Fraser
Ann Hutchison
1 Ian Mackin0 Points
0 Ends
0 Shots
2 Ken Hutchison0 Points
0 Ends
0 Shots
3 Sheila Henderson0 Points
0 Ends
0 Shots
4 Evelyn Reid0 Points
0 Ends
0 Shots