Constitution (amended March 2008)

All curlers - it is essential to notify Organiser well in advance if unavailable. DO NOT ARRANGE YOUR OWN SUB.

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  • Confirm with players that team is complete
  • Check that sub has been requested
  • Collect £5 from sub. No fee for players from non-playing team
  • Give to Match Secretary/Committee Member
  • Will allocate sub on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Will confirm selection and team position to skip
  • If not present, will confirm subs with an attending committee member
Subs will be selected by Organiser from
  • Pool of subs
  • Non-playing team
  • Will play in the order shown in the fixtures booklet
  • Sub will play in the vacant position except if Skip is absent, when third will skip
  • A sub skip will skip when both skip and third are absent
  • Second player should complete scorecard, have it verified and signed by both skips
  • Give the card to organiser or committee member
  • Must give results of all competitions to match secretary with the exception of A League as results will be posted on noticeboard